Dust = Dubai is building again

Last year, for the first time in ages, my balcony ‘office’ was a pleasant, dust free environment in/on which to work during the winter.

Now we’re surrounded by construction again and my laptop is noticeably dirty after just a few minutes.

Both the developer and third-party companies are building more and more towers around us, prompting the usual Dubai questions –

– Who is going to live there?

– How will the road system handle all these new residents?

– Where will people park?

– Why build more buildings here when there is so much space elsewhere?

– How this will affect the rental price of the apartment I have bought (and which was bought when no mention of any of these new buildings was being made, anywhere.)

From an aesthetic point of view, the usual Dubai mishmash of styles means the area’s distinctive look is being diluted and spoiled.

Here are the ‘weeds’ poking into view.



Yes, I knew this sort of thing was inevitable. But I didn’t think that we’d have a bright white tower being built literally metres from the carefully designed matching curve of the Views, or a weird square thing that’s covered in bright blue lights being built metres away from South Ridge.

Forget about my whinges about ugly buildings and a lack of parking spaces – is it really good business to build like this?

I can’t help thinking that keeping areas aesthetically pleasing and less overcrowded simply means better margins for everyone – the nicer the place, the more likely people want to live there, so the better return on investment. Crowding so much rubbish into one space just makes no sense, especially when there is so much land available elsewhere. But what do I know? Clearly very little on this topic.


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