The housing fee rears its head again

The housing fee topic is back in the news.

This is something that is guaranteed to get my blood boiling.

It beggars belief that the system is still not applied to everyone. It is also baffling as to why it continues to be described as a fee for local services, when huge numbers of people live in communities such as the one I live in, where we pay the developer to handle rubbish collection and other things. At least call it a tax and be honest about what it’s for.

The article mentions that the tax is being collected in some areas and not in others. This implies that some areas are all paying the tax efficiently, which is nonsense. I have talked to people who live in my building, who have not paid a dirham since they moved in in 2007.

I have paid 34,992Dhs to the municipality since 2007. That’s nearly $10,000. Some people in the same building have paid nothing. The whole situation is idiotic.

Outside of where I live, some friends pay and some don’t.

I don’t understand how the municipality can let this situation occur – leaving aside the fairness of the tax, they are forfeiting millions of dirhams in revenue!

The latest requests to get people to sign up make no sense either. You either sign up now and start paying up. Or, you can just wait until the municipality sign you up and start paying what might be an incorrect sum – something you can easily rectify anyway. Where is the incentive?

The news article is littered with ‘probably’ and ‘let’s say’, so it seems there is no will to sort things out anytime soon.


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