This will be fun

I have cracked the bath – by standing up in it.

It seems that whoever fitted the bath did not install the necessary support.

It also seems that whichever enlightened ‘consultant’ designed the bathrooms thought it’d be a good idea to embed bathtubs into their surroundings, so the only way they can be replaced is by smashing the tiling around them.

The tiles are no longer available on the market. Naturally no-one keeps any spares for a development of several hundred apartments.

There was one glimmer of light amongst the general darkness. After half an hour of arguing I managed to get the ‘call out charge’ waived by the people who came to give me a quote for all the fixing fixing that this will involve. It took a while, but eventually they agreed that it was a bit silly to expect me to pay them for a quotation.

The work will involve four days of men tramping around, smashing things up.

In other news, the AC supplier used for the entire development has no local distributor – and doesn’t provide any kind of warranty on the equipment they sell. This means that the clunky whirring sound currently filling the living room after a new motor was fitted is going to be with us for a while, as it’s very difficult to get anyone to take the clearly sub-standard motor back and fit one which works as silently as the one it replaced.



2 Responses to “This will be fun”

  1. alexander Says:

    Oh noes. We’ve been through the bathroom thing twice in the current house and once in the last one.

    There will be a huge amount of dust. Don’t let them cut tiles inside – the red tile dust gets absolutely everywhere.

    It will take longer than four days, almost guaranteed.

    You have my every sympathy…

  2. Chris Says:

    This is going to be hell.

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