Good advice for Beirut

I’m in Beirut this week.

Google Maps gave me some good advice for walking from my hotel to another hotel –

‘Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.’

Wise words.

There was a bomb scare in the office I visited, Lebanese-style. Apparently there was some kind of threat or suspicion of a bomb in the UN office three floors up. Noone thought to tell anyone else in the building though, so we found out later that there had been a bomb scare but no bomb after all, so it was lucky we hadn’t wasted time evacuating. Much laughter all round.


2 Responses to “Good advice for Beirut”

  1. Gubbi Says:

    Ha – I’m in Beirut right now too! Small region. We’re staying in Ashrafieh, where are you?

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