Digital signage ruins another view

I have created a separate category for my complaints about digital signage/advertising for those of my three readers who are getting bored with this sort of stuff.

Here’s the view from the tallest building in Casablanca. A fantastic vista of Casa at sunset. Ruined by a huge screen flickering away in the (righthand) corner, invading everyone’s visual personal space.


Yes, I moved to another chair so that I didn’t have to look at it. But that’s not the point. This stuff is springing up everywhere and it’s just going to get worse – how can a municipality permit something that can inflict itself on so many people from miles around? It’s the digital equivalent of cold calling or having a flyer shoved in your face. Constantly. Wherever you go. It’s lowest common denominator advertising and it gets away with it as it’s ‘technology’.

We were at Festival Centre mall at the weekend – lots of new digital screens everywhere spending most of their time asking me to put my brand on ‘this screen’. I wanted to put my foot through the screen. One of the companies advertising was The National, the UAE’s more highbrow paper. Does readership really increase when shoppers have The National’s adverts flashing in their faces at every turn?

I would love to see some statistics on the efficacy of digital advertising over static ads.



3 Responses to “Digital signage ruins another view”

  1. Troy Says:

    I’ve noticed it everywhere in Hong Kong and Shanghai. I expect them to put it on Tiananmen Gate any day now.

    I find it more distracting at sports events. Surely that digital Coke ad flashing away is a distraction to the athletes and spectators…

  2. Gary Ward Says:

    Hi Chris, Take a look at:-

  3. Gary Ward Says:

    Or, even better:-

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