Kindle UK rip off pricing

I gave a glowing review for the Kindle and said it was worth every penny.

I still think it is good value for what it can do, but I don’t see why someone in the UK should pay almost twice the US price.

US 3G capable Kindle – $138 (GBP84.50)

UK 3G capable Kindle – GBP152 ($248)

That’s a $110 difference!

That stinks. Even allowing for some differences in tax, this is crazy.

I think I’d have had trouble buying and shipping the US kindle due to not having a US address, although I could probably have got around this by using a shop and ship type service. Even with some delivery costs, I am sure I could still have got it at significantly less if I’d ordered it from the US and had it shipped around the world to Dubai, instead of ordering it in the UK and having it shipped an hour’s drive away from the Amazon Milton Keynes warehouse to Richmond.

Book prices seem similar, give or take a few cents.

Kindle Euro pricing is also very high.

Don’t rip me off, Amazon. Or is the pricing actually fair for some reason? A ten percent uplift, I can understand, but this…?


2 Responses to “Kindle UK rip off pricing”

  1. James Kellerman (@jkprime) Says:

    Next time you need something from the states let me know and I can throw it in the mail. I live in one of the only states with no sales tax.

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