Idiotic lamp post update, plus gone again

Much as I enjoyed my holiday in the UK, I was quite happy to be back in Dubai.

I was prepared for the suicidal Ramadan hunger driving and the humidity.

What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the continued insistence of the developer of our area in ruining the look and feel of the place.

A while back I posted about the main Boulevard having its pleasant brown lamp posts replaced with some hideous silver things. This job was completed. It’s ugly and it’s pointless. It doesn’t improve the area, was clearly never part of the masterplan. I hate them.

Now the developer is installing these lights along our quiet sidestreet. I should really post some photos of the road before it is ruined, but for now you’ll just have to imagine a pleasant tree-lined street, lit by small brown lamp posts that give out a gentle yellow light that completely matches the lighting of the surrounding buildings. It’s lovely – calm, well put together.

Now our quiet street is being filled with these awful silver things – we will have double the density of lamp posts, all of them emitting a bright white light that doesn’t fit in with the development at all.

I am furious, but there’s nothing I or other residents can do. This is basically the developer sticking two fingers up at its investors, proving to us that despite the occasional rhetoric, we have no say in the appearance of the area we have chosen to live in, an area which can be ruined by the whim of one person at the developer who chooses to inflict his bad taste on everyone with no consultation.

What’s particularly galling is the response I received by email from the customer services department claiming that the lights were always part of the master plan and that the current lighting that has been there since October 2007 is only ‘temporary’.

Not happy. Why can’t people stop fiddling with everything in Dubai? Build it properly the first time and then just leave it alone!

In other news, Eid has been declared a day earlier than expected. This is sort of good news – as I am on gardening leave till my new job starts on September 1, I was free anyway.

Mrs Saul, however, had to return from the UK in order to go to work today (Weds 24 September) and tomorrow, as well as Sunday, before having the rest of the week off for Eid. Now that Eid has been declared, she has Sunday off, as well as the rest of next week.

This means that she and other members of staff had to come back from their summer holiday to Dubai simply in order to attend two working days at school. It was a strange decision anyway, making them come back for three days’ work, separated by a weekend. Having only two days is simply rubbing salt into the wound. Given the choice, we would have stayed in the UK or planned something else.

As it is, we are going home to the UK – a judicious use of Skywards miles, plus being able to cross charge my flight thanks to a training course I need to attend in Switzerland during the first week of September (EasyJet to Zurich, then Zurich to Duba on EK). That said, it’s all totally ridiculous – lots of people flying in and then flying out again, or being stuck in Dubai for Eid if they’re no able to pay for another set of flights out. Daft.

I realise that these are not big problems in the grand scheme of things, but this is my blog and I’ll whinge if I wanna.


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