New job

I have resigned from HP and will start at Citrix on September 1.

I knew HP would be a challenge – it’s very much a ‘box moving’ environment rather than a solutions sales place.  Things were starting to turn the corner and I know that I made some good progress during my six months there.  There are certainly things I would do differently, plus I learnt a lot during my short tenure.  However, I had some other options presented to me and I decided that the role at Citrix offered me the best balance of what I like and what I need for my overall career.

I will have to make Citrix work – no chance of jumping ship again without making my CV look rather dubious.  Are you a quitter, Saul?  Absolutely not, Sergeant – better to get out early rather than stick with something that I wasn’t enjoying and when better offers were on the table.

Some colleagues at HP I really enjoyed working with.  Others I found astonishingly unco-operative and, frankly, childish.  I had some bizarre encounters, the like of which I have never had in my entire professional life, that left my open mouthed in amazement.  You can’t expect to get on with everyone you work with, but…

Talking to others who worked at Sun and now work elsewhere, I was experiencing the usual post-Sun culture shock – working at Sun Microsystems meant we were pretty spoilt.  By spoilt, I mean that we had an environment that, despite its occasional frustrations, was a hell of a lot better than most other places.

Citrix will be fun, I am expecting – a smaller office, travel to interesting places and working with people I know already and who I know I will get on with.

I will be reporting to his Royal Ronskiness.  Reporting to a friend was not something I initially liked the idea of, but we had a good discussion about it.  I would never tell him directly, but I know I can learn a fair bit from Aaron, who has some broader general business experience than me.  This is what I need to experience – I love being the product expert, but I have to get some experience of the various other parts of the business under my belt.  This role is a nice mix of product evangelist, account manager, partner manager and dogsbody.  Plenty of customer facing time, but plenty of the rest of it too.

Can’t wait.


2 Responses to “New job”

  1. Magnus Nystedt (@mnystedt) Says:

    Wow, that’s a surprise. Good luck to you! His Royal Ronskiness is supposed to come to a podcast soon, perhaps you can come along 😉 Or we’ll book you for another spot.

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks Magnus. I’d be more than happy to join if His Ronskosity permits – spouting off is one of my favourite things 🙂

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