Dubai blog duo

Let’s combine two Dubai blogger whinges/commentaries into one post before my 777 leaves for LHR.

Weather –

It’s hot!  45-50C and very humid this year.  On the plus side, after doing three gym classes a week outside, I am noticeable fitter.  On the negative side, for various work reasons I have spent way too much time outside this year.  I am tired of sweating and then freezing as I move from car park to office.

Driving –

The last two weeks, prior to the start of Ramadan, have seen an invasion on Dubai’s roads.

You see it ahead, wandering between the lanes, filled to the brim with black clad women and hundreds of children, two or three being used as human airbags.  It turns a corner, wavering into the path of an oncoming bus, apparently not noticing the Nissan Tiida it nearly sideswipes as it pulls up at the lights.

It’s a GMC Suburban/Chevrolet Tahoe/shapeless US SUV, you realise, from Saudi.  The licence plates confirms things – the fact that you can’t read the new style Saudi licence plate proves that it’s a Saudi plate.  If you could read it easily, it’d be from somewhere else.

As anyone who has been to Saudi knows, the driving there is terrible.  It amazes me that the guys drive so badly when over here though – surely, miles away from home, in a foreign country, with your entire family stuffed in the car with you, you’d make more of an effort to drive safely, at least for one week of the year?



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