A transgression too far

Two years ago, The Independent’s Johann Hari wrote a ridiculous piece on Dubai.  I discussed it here and wrote a mickey-take here.  I questioned the veracity of his quotes, as well as whether he had actually been to Dubai at all, as the scenes he described did not sound true.

Mr Johann is now in lots of trouble, over various allegations that what he writes isn’t always the truth it appears to be.  I have to confess to enjoying the schadenfreude of the whole situation.

Peter’s Place sums things up very nicely as well.

3 Responses to “A transgression too far”

  1. Rupert Neil Bumfrey Says:

    Christopher, your riposte, at the time, was excellent, but now I sense too much sanctimony.

    Do read an alternative viewpoint in The Guardian:


    and here:


  2. alexander Says:

    Whatever happened to Bahdobian? I was rather looking forward to the ongoing chronicles!!!

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