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My name in print


I had a long chat on the phone the other day with a journalist from The National about the Johann Hari affair.  I was quite flattered to have been contacted – I didn’t realise it would lead to this long article.

I would like to make it clear that Jonathan Gornall quoted me completely accurately.

Summer scams


This happened to me too the other day.

I gave them directions, they started their spiel about having just come from a trade conference…  I asked them if they were trying to sell me something, they laughed, shrugged their shoulders, I gave them a knowing look and they sped off to look for their next victim.  They were Italian, or claimed to be – possibly the same guys that Seabee saw.  I wonder how successful they are?

The Gulf News has an unintentionally hilarious article on the various scams that take place here.  I love the last one – naturally wives, being delicate and impressionable ladies, would obviously be very nervous at the predictions of a psychic fakir you might meet in a car park.  A raised eyebrow from Mrs Saul would be all that would be needed and the psychic fakir would predict his own imminent demise and scarper.



A transgression too far


Two years ago, The Independent’s Johann Hari wrote a ridiculous piece on Dubai.  I discussed it here and wrote a mickey-take here.  I questioned the veracity of his quotes, as well as whether he had actually been to Dubai at all, as the scenes he described did not sound true.

Mr Johann is now in lots of trouble, over various allegations that what he writes isn’t always the truth it appears to be.  I have to confess to enjoying the schadenfreude of the whole situation.

Peter’s Place sums things up very nicely as well.