When cats attack

Biscuit the cat is much loved and well looked after.

Sadly, she has an annoying habit of suddenly biting you.

One moment she’ll be fast asleep on your lap, then, as you angle the laptop to take a nice photo, this happens.

You then have to do this to remove her.

She will then stalk your arms, until you manage to scruff her and throw her off.

How do we stop this behaviour?

I think my colleagues are starting to think I am self-harming.  Look at the pain in my eyes and the damage done to my poor arm.


6 Responses to “When cats attack”

  1. Riz Din Says:

    lol cats! great set of pics, with vampire Biscuit is having a good feed. Once it’s all healed, I suggest sprinkling some chili powder on your arm and waving it around for an attack, or else have a spray bottle ready, although this doesn’t work so well with laptops around.

  2. Marcus Says:

    I think it’s a street cat thing. My cat does something very similar. I try to keep a plant mister around and spritz her with it if she does something aggressive, but three years of doing this hasn’t changed her behaviour. She just knows to run away if she sees the plant mister!

    • christophersaul Says:

      We use the plant mister too – she just sits there looking at it, scrunching her face up in anticipation of being squirted – she doesn’t like it, but it doesn’t seem to stop the bad behaviour.

      I think it’s partly my fault – I let her bite me when she was a kitten and it didn’t hurt.

  3. Gary Ward Says:

    Whilst living in France we had a cat that had a thing about bare toes. He would watch carefully and then pounce upon a bare toe at ground level and start to nibble. Getting out of bed if he was in the bedroom was very risky. Years later, at a wedding in France, I saw similar behaviour. A lady was wearing a dress that reached the ground. She was also wearing open-toed sandals. I saw a cat watching carefully as she moved and sometimes a bare toe would appear from beneath the dress. Only I knew what was going to happen. It did!

  4. Miss Stovetop Says:

    Maybe the cure for biscuit are some extra biscuits, perhaps? But then, I wouldn’t know since I’ve never had any cats. And the photos of the pain inflicted upon you almost make me never want to have any either 😀

  5. Jim G. Says:

    Another cat attack…

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