The joys of air travel

I am glad I have never had to witness this sort of thing on the flights I have taken.

The worse I have seen is usually at the airport itself.  If you’re flying out of Karachi or Adis Ababa, my top tip is to try to use the loo at your hotel rather than use the facilities on offer in the terminal.

Footprints on the loo seat weren’t uncommon on some of the routes I used to take.

On a flight to Morocco, a man jumped up as soon as the plane landed, opened the overhead locker and deposited a pile of dirty underwear on the passenger below when his bin bag of clothes split.

A colleague once found a turd floating in the washbasin on a  plane.  The logic being that certain people on the plane had never flown before, didn’t use sit down toilets and therefore assumed that the basin with water flowing in it was the right place to deposit things.

Apart from that, I’ve been pretty lucky!


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