Working with Emiratis…

…is something I’d love to do. Aside from the occasional government customer, I rarely, if ever, work with UAE nationals.

It’s quite different in Bahrain, where you’ll find plenty of Bahrainis working in the IT sector at various levels, both at government and private customers and at resellers and systems integrators as well. In Kuwait you’ll find Kuwaiti systems administrators and also IT managers at private companies.

In Oman my experience has been that there are a lot more younger guys working outside of the government sector now – most of our partners seem to have some people in ‘apprentice’ like roles. There are even some ladies in the IT sector now, doing sales, and doing a great job at it.

I know that Emiratis get more money if they go and work for the government, but I can’t help thinking it’d be great if some of the guys just bit the bullet, accepted they’ll get less, lived at home, saved money and got going with a decent ‘starter role’ that could lead to something really great. If that didn’t work out, the government sector would still be there.


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