How much this Batrol you pay?

I have a new car.


More info shortly.   If I may permit myself a brief moment of boasting, I now own three ‘iconic’ Gulf cars – Patrol, Wrangler and Range Rover.  Who’d have thought it.  My future progeny will  be forced to ride bicycles after I’ve used up all the world’s petrol.


3 Responses to “How much this Batrol you pay?”

  1. Jano Says:

    omg.. im not environment freak (well, just a little) but what you do with all three big cars?

    mabrook anyway 🙂

  2. Mohamad Hammouda Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Well I was Googling and I found your blog and your comment on X “SUN” Blogs,

    Coming too much to Lebanon had made you to think the Lebanese way.. Ohhhhh I have 3 cars…. Prestige 🙂

    Miss you Man, Hope everything is going well with you take care and with hope to see you again.

    Best Regards.

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