Never lose your thirst for knowledge

There comes a time when children stop asking ‘why’ to everything they see or experience.  Their sense of wonderment and curiosity abates, crushed by the reality of life – some things simply are as they are and there is no point questioning any more.

So it is for the average consumer in the UAE.  On arrival, you might wonder why the supermarket is charging you Dhs9.50 for an item, when there are no coins other than the 1 dirham coin and its smaller brothers, the 50 fil and the 25 fil.   How are you supposed to get the correct change?

Eventually, you lose your sense of wonderment and questioning and accept that the final price is not connected to any reasonable logic in terms of the coins that are actually available in the market.  You stop asking why and you just go with the flow – the flow being, in my case, a general assumption that things will even out in the end, unless I feel grumpy and the supermarket is blatantly short changing me without even checking with me first.   I make them round things down in my favour when I am in that grumpy mood.

It turns out, hilariously, that the current situation is actually a complete farce – a variety of fil coins is allegedly available and there is not reason not to get the correct change.

We have the fearless Gulf News to thank for this information.  Quite why the current change-free set up has rolled along for years with noone else finding out the real facts is beyond me.

I have never seen any coins other than the 25 fil, 50 fil and one dirham.

I have never lost my sense of wonderment for these kinds of UAE based oddness.  This report has made my day.  I wonder what will happen next?  Personally, I’d prefer prices to be in 25 fil chunks to avoid my pockets filling up with shrapnel, but there you go.



One Response to “Never lose your thirst for knowledge”

  1. Kanchan Says:

    I agree. I have not seen a 5 or 10 fil coin in my two and a half years here. Heard the interview of a government official saying there is no shortage of the 5 or 10 fil coins. Then where are they?

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