Perception is your competition

I am baffled by the results of this survey.

I would rank Dubai as being, hands down, the safest place you could possibly want to visit.

Dubai does need to clarify certain things – there are clear ambiguities around the consumption of alcohol, for example, if you are looking from the outside in.  If you live here, however, it’s fairly obvious what’s what.

It seems that perception is the problem.  High profile cases make headlines back home – and it’s easy to see how that generates the preception that Dubai might be a dangerous place to visit.

It isn’t.

Come and visit Dubai.  If you can afford it, you’ll love it.  Just don’t expect to get away with shennanigans on a public beach, brawling or being drunk in public, just as you wouldn’t when visiting, say, England.


One Response to “Perception is your competition”

  1. Terry Collmann Says:

    “The British Embassy said in 2009 that Brits were more likely to be arrested in the UAE than anywhere else in the world.”

    That’ll be your answer, Christopher. That, and the fact that the death rate on Dubai’s roads is around six or seven times higher than London’s.

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