Sweihan again

We had a great trip to Sweihan on Saturday.

I didn’t make it around the bowl of doom this time – I am blaming a change in the shape of the sand, rather than my nerves.

Matt’s Pajero popped a tire a couple of times – part of the danger of nicer looking, larger rims, but less room to deflate and take the knocks.

The Pajero performed very well though, the only problem being the car thinking it knew better from time to time and switching on all the anti-skid and other cleverness – not what you need whilst at 5,000 rpm sliding sideways down a dune into a large bowl.

I bought a special windscreen camera mount to record the trip, but forgot to charge my camera battery!

You will have to make do with this video from Dec 07 (was it that long ago?) taken by someone following us on an earlier trip we did.


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