More Dubai bashing drivel

It’s sad that these kinds of lazy articles still get published.

AA Gill can usually be entertaining and thoughtful, but this drivel is a poor effort.  Almost as dull as a recent Sunday Times piece of his, in which he ponced around in a new tweed suit.  Sadly I can’t link to this fascinating effort, thanks to the Times’ paywall.

Long time readers might remember a similar Dubai bashing article that appeared a couple of years ago.  Plus ca change.


2 Responses to “More Dubai bashing drivel”

  1. @rupertbu Says:

    Why, oh why does the angst get reciprocated?

    A lead article in Vanity Fair for Dubai, I think the marketing guru’s will be happy with exposure to the audience of VF.

  2. Riz Din Says:

    AA Gill wrote a rip-roaring take down of a pretentious Parisian restaurant in VF recently, which did the rounds and proved very popular. That piece may have been fair, but with this follow on Dubai knock down piece, I just can’t take him seriously anymore.

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