A probably pointless battle

My latest battle with the developer of our area revolves around increasing noise from screeching car tires.

For the last three and a half years, sitting on our balcony was a pleasant experience. Granted, noise from the nearby road has increased as the road has got busier, but it was ok.

There is little we or the developer can do about halfwits revving their sportscars to show off to who knows who. We can’t do anything about the midlife crisis Harley drivers who think they are cooler if they illegally modify their bikes to be even nosier than they should be.

What the developer can do, however, is something about the noise caused when cars use the nearby u-turn.

The u-turn’s been there for a while, but the noise caused by screeching tires is getting worse and worse. I am not an expert, but I am assuming it’s something to do with a poor choice of road surface, the top of which is getting more worn or ‘polished’ as time goes on, causing us to feel like we are part of an episode of Starsky and Hutch.

We are even starting to hear it inside the living room, through the double glazing.

As you can imagine, this is starting to make me extremely angry.

Will it get sorted? Past experience shows that we are cash cows to milked for service fees and that if we don’t like it we can leave.

Past experience has sometimes shown that if I fight and fight, I do get what I need.

Let’s see who wins this one.


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