Do one thing

I was going to write a post about the typically Indian phrase, ‘do one thing’.

This post, however, says everything I wanted to.

I do find the ‘do one thing’ slightly annoying at times.  It’s never ‘one thing’ – it’s several that are usually mentioned.  It just doesn’t make sense, in English at least. Or, rather, to this Englishman.

In other news, I have recently received emails from someone with these wonderful phrases –

Dear Sir!

Co-ordinal Greetings!


Dear Sir!

After compliments!

Naturally I kindly did the needful and reverted asap at my soonest convenience.


One Response to “Do one thing”

  1. Gubbi Says:

    Ha! Alex and I were just talking about “do one thing” last night only, right after I finished a telephonic conference with India itself and my head was paining!

    Seriously though, great timing. Love the post you linked to!

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