An esteemed web presence

The Karachi Darbar outlet in Karama has been a favourite of ours for some time now.

I urge my readers to take a look at the group’s website – a great example of how Flash can be used to create a truly enthralling experience.

The Chairman message and MD message are informative, as is the NEWS LETTER.

Employee pictures such as this one are also a welcome addition to Karachi Darbar Group website.

Sadly, I find their waiters are not as polite as they used to be. When Mrs Saul used to order her food, the waiter would typically wait for me to give a nod of approval before writing her order down. They no longer do this. I am not sure if this is a strategy implemented by Chair Man or MD, or if they just know Mrs Saul better these days.

I believe that a wife should seek her husband’s permission when ordering a meal at Karachi Darbar, but Mrs Saul does not.


One Response to “An esteemed web presence”

  1. Magnus Says:

    Indeed a thrilling web experience 😉

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