First three weeks of the new job

Some observations after three weeks at HP.

That went quickly!

Am the only Brit on my floor and in my team. This is the least British environment I have worked in. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just different. A real mixture of people from everywhere, lots of French people and French speakers – a different atmosphere.

It took a day and a half to put a special offer together for partners. At Sun, the same exercise took me about three months.

I’ve been driving all over Dubai – a nostalgic experience. I have probably driven more for work in the last three weeks than in the last three years.

Work travel starts next week – Oman, a week in Dubai, then Lebanon, then probably Egypt or Kuwait. It’ll be interesting to see how I enjoy only going around the Middle East. Probably quite exciting, given the current events sweeping the region.

I see real opportunity for my product set. Need to stick to my plans to avoid being overwhelmed with projects and losing focus – a nice problem to have.

I’m enabled to get things done in a way that I wasn’t in my role at Oracle.

It’s great to be busy and part of a growing organisation. Also nice to be in a team located in the same country as me.

I am not enjoying having to use Windows 7. Yes, I hated my Mac for the first week I had it. Then I loved it. I have had Windows 7 for three weeks now and am incredulous at how unpleasant the experience still is. I know Macs are expensive, but the way things are engineered makes using a Mac laptop such a pleasure – it amazes me that simply things like a large mouse pad with the same two finger scrolling and other features are still not part of the Windows experience. Suspend and resume are terrible compared to the Mac. I have had apps crash regularly, something that will happen on OSX, but usually only after the laptop’s been running without a reboot for weeks.

I’ve loved working in Dubai, going to the office every day and getting three gym classes in a week. It’s also nice to have colleagues, partners and customers follow the same working week and similar working hours.

I’m enjoying working with other vendors – VMware and Citrix – rather than being focused only on what my employer offers.

Here’s to the next three weeks…


2 Responses to “First three weeks of the new job”

  1. Riz Din Says:

    glad it’s going well…one suspects that in the long run, Windows and Apple operating systems will lose out to Google, which in turn will become a most heinous, evil company despite it’s company slogan.

  2. bilel KAMMOUN Says:

    No more Sun Ray nice day after Chris Saul and with Oracle!
    Good Luck

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