Pink Rock again

Had a great trip to Pink Rock last Saturday.

Lots of smooth dunes, only four cars, plus a bit more of an adventurous route. Loved it.

It was fun to have three Jeeps in the group.

Pink Rock Feb 2011-9.JPG

The Pajero was more than welcome too, of course.

Pink Rock Feb 2011-13.JPG

Three Jeeps.

Pink Rock Feb 2011-16.JPG

We made it a fair way up the hill near Big Red. Very windy, with some fantastic crests created by the blowing sand. Fun to drive through the sand too, as it skidded along the ground.

At Pink Rock, Robin’s voice came over the walkie talkie – ‘Chris, there’s a big rock in front of me. Not sure how to manage this one’. It was easy to drive past, but there’s a first time for everything. It reminds me of the first time I drove up Pink Rock eight(!) years ago and ended up parked on top of this. This involved having the car jacked up and the rock rolled out.


Robin easily drove over it. Was it the same rock?

A great day out. Looking forward to some more before it gets too hot. Am also tempted to upgrade the Wrangler to the latest model. Robin’s ‘new’ secondhand silver Sahara does look good.

Pink Rock Feb 2011-17.JPG


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