Bye bye Bloglines

I’ve used Bloglines to view my RSS feeds for years now, so I was pretty upset when it was announced last year that they were going to shut down.

What I liked about Bloglines was that it was simply laid out, you had a whole page to read an article in and it was easy to add new feeds to.

I never liked Google reader because of the layout issue – you view posts in a frame that doesn’t fill the screen, meaning you are reading articles in two thirds of your screen real estate. This is a waste, as well as being annoying. Photos never quite fit. I just don’t like it.

For obvious reasons, I was very pleased when Bloglines were ‘saved’ by another company. Sadly, this has meant a revamp of the general look and feel and page layout, making it more Google Reader-like.

I am baffled as to why this was done. The clean layout was obviously the only reason to use Bloglines over Google Reader, so why change it? They have ruined Bloglines.

Fortunately I have discovered Feedly, an extension to Firefox. It is brilliant. It is simply laid out, you have a whole page to read an article in and it is easy to add new feeds to.

It actually ‘sits on top’ of Google Reader, so you can use Google reader to view your content whenever forced to, with everything staying in synch.

RIP Bloglines, long live Feedly.

2 Responses to “Bye bye Bloglines”

  1. Riz Din Says:

    Bah, I was just starting to feel the Feedly vibe but then I realised the add-on was really slowing down my browsing experience. Removed it from my add-ons and voila, the speeds were restored. I’m not alone though, so hopefully the next iteration of Feedly will contain the bug fix. Now let’s hope they do really well, and find a way to make money (not from me, mind) so they don’t go the way of Bloglines…a crime to see what happened there.

  2. Chris Says:

    Can you fit some more RAM in your ThinkPad?

    Feedly is just too good not to use šŸ™‚

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