Harry Brown

I’ve just watched Harry Brown.

Violent and quite horrible, but absolutely brilliant. Inspired casting of Michael Caine in the lead role.

Highly recommended, but not a ‘date night’ movie. I nearly made Mrs Saul watch it, but she didn’t like the sound of it – luckily we watched Downton Abbey instead and I saved Harry Brown for me, later.

The way the kids on the estates speak fascinates me. When I left the UK, you have white kids speaking like white kids, the black guys generally speaking with their own style and Asian kids speaking like Asian kids, innit? All the dialects seem to have merged now, so everyone’s lahk chattin’ de same way now bro innit, blud for life my bruvvah, dont let dem pigs get you down shank de man what disrespect you blud, aiight?

One Response to “Harry Brown”

  1. Riz Din Says:

    Watched this at the cinema (the violence leaves a horrid lingering aftertaste, but what a film). Funny enough, when we were watching it, a bunch of hoodies broke in through the fore exit at the front of the screen and were chased about by ushers with their torches…all the while, a hoodie is being tortred on screen. Surreal.

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