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All I want for Christmas


A friend of mine’s 3 year old son, Zayn, has some very specific ideas on what he wants for Christmas.





It’s ironic to see this article on the news around the time that our office Christmas tree had to be removed from reception due to company policy towards ‘religious symbols’.

I think we should keep our tree. It’s not an ‘in your face’ religious symbol and is perfectly in keeping with standard practice across the UAE.

Cross your arms and look smugly successful


There’s a big trend for every website and brochure to feature ‘business people’ crossing their arms and looking happy.

These images seem to be used regardless of the product.

Just implemented a super complex new firewall solution? Yes – and to show how happy we are with it, here’s us with our arms crossed.


More pics here, ready to appear on everything from yoghurt making brochures to IT solutions, to sawdust hoovers.

I lived in an icon


I noticed that the building we used to live in features in some of Etihad Airline’s web pages.

Here’s the pic –


We were in the first building in the cluster on the right – the UP Tower. Sadly, the building next to it is slowly dwarfing it – as with most areas of Dubai, attractive buildings quickly get blocked in by hideous creations. This one was apparently supposed to look like Big Ben, for goodness’ sake.

The UP Tower is still a good looking design. During our time there it was also exceptionally well run, with the management company treating tenants very fairly. Unlike our current place, the apartments were also very well soundproofed!

But enough of my moaning. I think it’s quite fun that we lived in a building that is now ‘iconic’ enough to feature in images that are used to represent Dubai.

Oh dear, I used the word ‘iconic’…

Honest Tammy


I’m a big fan of Tammy Wynette – the older stuff with slide guitar and perfectly crafted two to three minute songs that grow into a wonderful crescendo. Wonderful pop music. I’d love to see a Tammy tribute band do this stuff.

Tammy’s lyrics probably wouldn’t always be very acceptable these days.

I think the words to this song are both touching and utterly hilarious at the same time. I can’t image Girls Aloud singing something along these lines.