Is is 2007 again?

Signs that I have travelled back in time by accident –

– Dubai’s traffic has ramped up again. Despite some big new roads, all the old bottlenecks are there, with 15 minute journeys starting to take 45 minutes again.

– There’s news of a tallest building in the world, and discussions about who on earth is going to live in it and whether there’ll be anywhere for its few residents to park, should they manage not to die of starvation whilst stuck in their cars in a traffic jam trying to get home.

– I am stuck in a shabby hotel with no wifi, sitting uncomfortably at the desk.

– The EK flight I flew to Beirut in had no ICE, just old school fuzzy teeny weeny screens.

– I am doing the same presentations for customers, with few changes since 2006. (This is getting boring now).

Signs that this is simply deja vu all over again –

– I appear to have sprouted lots of grey hairs around my temples, whereas in 2007 there were just one or two.

– It may be the same presentation, but the logo at the beginning now says ‘Oracle’ rather than ‘Sun’. (A good thing in general, but still sad in its own way).


One Response to “Is is 2007 again?”

  1. Riz Says:

    A modest time slip … you are like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap, but your time machine is not very powerful.

    Need more flux capacitor.

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