You need wife sir?

I went to get some ice from the garage today.

Unfortunately there was none left, as a customer had bought all the bags earlier in the day.

‘Can you make some more in the machine?’, I asked.

‘Yes sir. One bag every two minutes.’

‘OK, I’ll come back in fifteen minutes, as I need at least six bags’ I said.

‘Sorry sir, not enough time.’

Anyway, I came back in fifteen minutes and only three bags were ready. Fair enough – that’s still quite an impressive output for an ice machine.

When I was paying for my ice, one of the three Philipina ladies who’d been helping me with the ice situation asked if I was married. I said that I was.

‘That’s a shame sir. Our friend is looking for a nice white man husband.’

There was then lots of giggling and Evelyn, who’d been packing the ice into bags, had to blush and run into the stockroom.

So, I nearly came back from the petrol station with half the amount of ‘fresh bag ice’ I wanted, but with a new fiancee in tow.


One Response to “You need wife sir?”

  1. Nuppo Says:

    White man husband ? Did she ask to see your passport?

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