The image of the ‘youths’ around the overturned car in France pretty much sums what I feel is a disgraceful response to France’s pension reforms.

I can understand the grievances of people directly affected, but for most of this lot, it seems to be a chance to skip school and throw stones at the police. Pathetic. Are these 15 year olds really concerned about their pension? Idiots.

There also seems to be a complete lack of a sense of reality.

People, you can’t afford to carry on like you are – turning your country into a basketcase overnight and ruining whatever reputation is there for France as a place to do business is not going to help.

I hope the unions in the UK work with the government over our reforms and avoid encouraging this kind of disgusting behaviour on our side of the channel.

2 Responses to “Retirement”

  1. Jon Masters Says:

    I have to agree pretty much 100% with you on this one, Chris. I’m all for labour unions, but the issues in France are basically about how to maintain a stagnant economy with high unemployment and an artificially low retirement age that isn’t in line with anywhere else. Sure, if you can afford it, great. But they can’t afford it. And burning cars is just pathetic. Politic process and voting: yes, burning cars: for the intellectual underclass.

  2. Nuppo Says:

    I agree that keeping a low age for retirement is just not feasible. And maybe the whole government pension system is going to hell. Also true that I personally avoid stopovers in France because of their tendency to go on strike. I mean for the French, protests are a birth right.

    Having said that, it is one of the few countries that seem to actually have some kind of reaction to the ever advancing bulldozer of economical globalisation. Maybe they just do not want to be business mavericks and prefer better quality of life. Who really wants to work till 67 ? Unless we all live till 100.

    All of us living in Dubai also think about how to finance our retirement without government support ?

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