Holiday madness

Eid falls on a Friday and Saturday this year, so we weren’t going to get any days as a holiday at Oracle. But we weren’t sure which days it would fall until Ramadan was announced earlier in August, even though everyone pretty much knew which days we ought to get off but because the Eid holiday wasn’t announced noone in HR made a decision until it was announced, even though it was obvious what the announcement would be.

Mrs Saul was given Thursday and Sunday off. Then, this week, she was given Weds, Thurs and Sunday off.

Earlier this week I was given Thursday and Sunday off which was better than just having Friday and Saturday off, as those were weekend days anyway – so they were off already.

Unfortunately, because it wasn’t clear what would be off and what wasn’t and I had a team meeting which turned out not take place at the last minute (that announcement was only made at the last minute), we have nothing planned for Eid.

Welcome to the world of holidays in the Gulf. It’s not changed in the 8 years I’ve been here and I can’t see that changing either.

I appreciate the tradition of using the naked eye to spot the moon and work things out from there. It’s still possible to use common sense and plan around that.

What I don’t appreciate it employers not making a decision early on and sticking with it so that we can all plan properly.

Worst of all is employers who don’t give an extra day, should the ‘holiday’ fall on a weekend day, which is a holiday anyway. Fortunately that didn’t happen to me, thanks to the last minute announcement.


One Response to “Holiday madness”

  1. Spear The Almighty Says:

    Agreed Chris. On Wednesday we were told finally, O.K. you are off on Thursday and Sunday. Nothing planned.

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