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The University of Bolton, RAK campus


This is an odd one – the comments are hilarious.

I can imagine this idea being attractive to some of Bolton’s British-of-Pakistani-origin community. Go to a very, very quiet place in a muslim country that’s near Pakistan.

Other than that, I can’t really see many UK based students wanting to take this one up.

UAE PR Genius


At least he’s honest, this ‘official’, when talking about fuel price rises.

“For sure, people will be upset when the change happens, but then they will get used to it and everything will be normal,” he said.’

It’s so easy to brush away something as important as this – oh, it’s just a few fils here and there. It’ll all be ‘normal’ soon.

Easily up there with the only comment from an ‘official’ on power cuts that were causing misery in a nearby emirate – ‘they are just normal powercuts’.

In some ways it’s refreshing not to have these messages spun in any way – the contempt for customers is simply clear for all of us to see.