BBC redesign – yuck

Looks like the BBC News web page has had a redesign.

My reaction is probably going to be quite predictable.

1. Yuck, don’t like it, I liked what I was used to.

2. Ooh, that’s new and it makes things easier.

4. Chance upon a page using the old layout and wonder how I ever managed to read it.

People don’t like change – I do wonder if this is change for change’s sake or whether it’ll really turn out to be worth it?

ps I prefer the links to various news topics on the side!

2 Responses to “BBC redesign – yuck”

  1. Gary Ward Says:

    I don’t like the new layout either. “When it’s not necessary to change, it’s necessary not to change.”

  2. nick chan Says:

    this is what i used to do


    click africa, read all stories
    then click america,
    middle east,
    south asia
    also in the news

    few times a day. was easy to navigate

    with the new redesign, i only visit asia-pacific section once a day. and moreover, only bothered to look at titles.

    Can I suggest to other online news site to copy bbc’s old layout as to steal bbc’s ex-readers?

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