The world’s local bank… Is happy to see you go to jail

Nice to know that the CEO of my local bank would be happy to see me sent to prison under certain circumstances. Interesting comments too – it seems not all customers get the warm cuddly treatment when trying to work out repayments after falling into difficulties.

It’s too hard to move from them as there’s not much choice out there. In the nearly 8 years I have been banking with them, they have caused me enormous amounts of hassle and I would not recommend them to anyone. I have also never met a fellow customer who would recommend them either. They have proved themselves, time and again, utterly incapable of the most basic standards of customer service.

We had a few friends who were based in Dubai for a while when working for this bank’s global non-consumer business. They soon learnt not to tell anyone at parties who they worked for, for fear of spending the rest of the evening surrounded by people complaining about how awful their banking experience had been.

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