The Economy Class traveller’s dilemma

Seeing as Sun (and Oracle) see fit to transport us around the world in Economy class, I am always pleased when I find a route that is routinely half empty, giving me the opportunity of relaxing to or from my destination with noone sitting next to me.

The Dubai-Tunis route is my current favourite – three trips this year in comfort, in economy, sitting quietly in isolation.

The dilemma – if it continues to be half empty, I expect EK will stop the daily flights or cancel them all together, making it harder to get here, on a flight that’s packed or, horror of horrors, forcing me to make an epic trip via Paris with Air France, just like during the bad old days. Let’s see what happens.

I wish there were some kind of halfway house that would give regular business travellers a bit more space, peace and quiet, but without the cost of the full business class experience. I don’t care about 18 year old Chivas Regal and Godiva chocolates. I just want to spend my time flying around the world without someone else’s elbows in my ribs, hairy arms touching mine, or stinking BO making me want to be sick. Sadly, each of these things, or a combination of all three, is a regular experience these days, crammed into the back of the plane with no way to sleep properly, work or even, on occasion, to relax.


One Response to “The Economy Class traveller’s dilemma”

  1. SJS Says:

    I know it’s classed as “expensive” but it always baffled me that companies think it is effective to send execs around in cattle class. Perhaps those Senior Managers confined to US and European travel fail to realise what it’s like on these difficult long hauls elsewhere in the world.

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