Social media in being useful shock

A common theme when discussing Twitter is ‘how can it be useful for business’?

Various companies have tried or are trying to use it to interact with their customers, but I’ve never really seen anyone using Twitter as anything more than a way to make general announcements in a manner that’s little different to normal advertising.

Starwood – the collection of hotels that includes the Sheraton and Le Meridien chains – seem to be using Twitter in a really useful way.

During my last two stays in Starwood hotels I have tweeted about something that wasn’t really up to standard. (I try not to whinge on Twitter, or at least to make any whinging vaguely interesting or amusing. Not sure if I succeed or not, but it does help get things off my chest).

On each occasion the Starwood Twitter team have picked up on my tweets and responded almost immediately, asking for more details and offering to contact the hotel to see what could be done to improve things. I was very impressed with this on two levels. Firstly, a company being very pro-active in terms of trying to assist their customers. Secondly, working out how to use Twitter as a business tool, sifting through the billions of lines of nonsense tweeted every day, including my contributions, to help improve their customer service. Well done Starwood!

Whether this will mean that the rusty, derelict vans that I always see from my balcony at the Sheraton Tunis will be removed, or whether the AC in the Le Meridien Douala will get fixed remains to be seen. They’ve certainly impressed this customer though.


2 Responses to “Social media in being useful shock”

  1. Claude Teton Says:

    Dear Mr Saul
    You will be pleased to know that we have just placed an order for new AC unit and given the production and delivery time those should be installed within the next three or four months, hoping to see you then to let you appreciate.
    Thanking you for your support and useful comments.
    Best regards

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