Flag’em down

This is excellent news.

It’s a bit odd that, if I understand the article correctly, many officers used not to be allowed to flag down errant motorists and issue fines, but at least that will change.

The number one criticism from most Dubai drivers is that the police don’t seem to, erm, police bad driving pro-actively. It’s a common site to see police cars being tailgated and flashed out of the way, or for a patrol car to happily drive along, apparently oblivious to the appalling driving around it.

Speed cameras might stop people speeding, but they don’t stop the endless idiocy that occurs at, or below, the speed limit.

Funnily enough, I was flagged down during my first week or so in Dubai. I was stopped by an unmarked police car that had spotted that my rental car’s registration had expired. I was pootling along in my VW Polo, courtesy of Avis, when a large Mercedes saloon behind me suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree. I pulled over, feeling rather frightened. The officers were very pleasant and let me go when they realised it was a rental car and we had all had a good laugh over my enormous paper UK driving licence and its lack of photo.   

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