Car festival nearly over

February and March are always car time. Both cars need re-registering and re-insuring and both always seem to need full services.

Mrs Saul’s car went back and forth to Triple A with air suspension issues, eventually solved by having a new air spring fitted. Fortunately, this cost me abuut 2,000dhs less thanks to my discovering these guys. They do original and OEM Land Rover and Range Rover parts for between 50% to 80% less than the official dealer. All genuine parts, just cheaper. They will deliver to the garage of your choice. I had them drop the part off at Triple A, who did a good job fitting it.

Following on from the new airspring, the Range Rover needed a full service, which had to be done at the dealer. The 120,000Km service is a biggie – 3,600Dhs. During the service a leaky radiator was discovered – thankfully this was repaired under the extended warranty I bought just over a year ago, saving me 5,500Dhs. That warranty, bought for 6,000Dhs, has already paid for itself nearly three times over. The heights of joy that driving a full functioning Range Rover can bring can easily be cancelled out by the depths of despair of servicing costs. Thank goodness for extended warranties and non-dealer parts suppliers.

The extended warranty expires in January 2011. After that, I think that Mrs Saul will have to drive around in something Japanese, unless I can be hugely successful at Oracle and afford a newer model – allegedly more reliable than the 2003 version we have.

The Jeep fared better – a service that didn’t yield any major hidden problems. That said, the steering box needed refurbishing – it didn’t cost a lot, but the garage gave it back to me with way too much steering play. I found myself wobbling around all over the road thanks to it not being fixed properly. Four quick visits back to the garage and it’s still not right – I need to leave it with them for a couple of days. This is infuriating – not so much because something needs fixing, but because they gave me back the car in an obviously incorrect state. When it’s in next in it’ll also need a new AC switch – I can’t currently turn the AC off. Not usually a problem in the UAE, but useful when driving in the dunes and needing a bit more oomph.

Driving Mrs Saul’s car the other day, it became clear that the AC isn’t working properly – the gas needs refilling. Another trip to a garage somewhere…

So, things are still outstanding. Grr. Hopefully this will all get sorted soon – I am sick and tired of being in and out of the garage.

So, what to do, yanni? I really don’t want to sell the Jeep. The newer Wrangler doesn’t appeal, mine is still working well and is a bit of a classic in its own right. Generally reliable and great fun to drive. I am just getting fed up with all the little bits and pieces that are starting to go wrong. The appeal of having two newer cars that are under warranty and built with some Japanese expertise is growing ever stronger.

The solution is simple. I need to earn vast amounts of money and maintain a stable of vehicles for every situation, with a driver who can manage all the maintenance for me.


3 Responses to “Car festival nearly over”

  1. Sam Dubai Says:

    I know the Ranges are cool but the Toyota’s are a lot cheaper to run and have better AC. Never had anything in 3 years (touching wood)..

  2. John Says:

    Go the japanese way, good deals with all of them now.

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