Another excellent column in The National from Sultan Al Qassemi.

Noone wants to upset anyone – we just need to know what the rules are and have them enforced in a fair and consistent fashion. My inner dictator wishes we could have something similar in the UK to encourage people to keep their tattoed beer bellies and other unsightly body parts covered during the summer months.

In other news, I wonder how long this issue will continue to run? These sorts of situations are baffling – there is a law that was introduced in 2003, but never enforced… I wonder why not? More importantly, why ban alcohol rather than simply adapt the rules so that food prepared with alcohol is kept well separated from other dishes, as is done with pork? Menus already clearly mark dishes that contain alcohol and alcohol is served in most hotel restaurants. I don’t understand what the ban is supposed to achieve.

I am sure the authorities will clarify the matter shortly.


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