Beware of other’s faults

There’s a new road safety campaign going on the in the UAE. This one’s catchphrase is ‘Beware of other’s faults’ (sic).

The new line strikes me as being a bit more effective than direct messages telling drivers themselves to be careful – I think it turns things on their head a little and sounds less hectoring. It’s certainly more catchy than some earlier campaigns, some of which were quite baffling – I can’t remember the exact phrasing and can’t find an online reference, but it was something along the lines of ‘silly flathead speeding racer what you arrive never for’. Or something equally mystifying, involving shop dummies.

The National has a good article on how effective some of the new posters are.

The most interesting part of the article is the quote from Dalia Sufian, surely a woman in danger of becoming the UAE’s most despised road user. She seems to represent the heart of the problem – various fines, suspended licences and even a death on her hands, yet she proudly boasts that she still drives dangerously. I wonder why on earth she still has her licence at all – what can you do with someone who happily tells a national newspaper of her past driving transgressions and her total disregard for other people’s safety? Astonishing.

The driving issue is a strange one. Having grown up in the UK, where driving standards are extremely high, I find it impossible even to start to empathise with the idiot drivers that flood the UAE’s roads, whether it’s the speeding tint-mesiter in his Patrol or the dawdling Nissan Sunny doing 80Km in the middle lane of the motorway. Do they all want to be involved in accidents? Are they that lacking in imagination to consider the consequences of the way they drive? Do they really enjoy the stress of all the constant speeding, dawdling, lane changing, tail-gating, headlight flashing, horn honking halfwittery?

To give Dubai its due, driving standards have definitely improved over the past few years, but there’s clearly some way to go. Whilst these sorts of road safety campaigns are probably helpful, the biggest difference would be made by having more traffic police actively pulling over dangerous drivers. Hopefully a great police presence is part of ‘Beware of other’s faults’…

One Response to “Beware of other’s faults”

  1. Michael Says:

    Sadly, it seems Dalia Sufian is actually a real person – reading the original article, I couldn’t believe someone would be so stupid on so many levels and thought she must have been an invention – but no, a quick google proves otherwise…

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