A380 to Jeddah

In Jeddah for a couple of nights.

I was ecstatic to be upgraded to business class on the flight over, but amazed at how uncomfortable the business class seats are on the new Airbus A380 I was in. Other EK business class seats are extremely comfy and practical, particular in the newer planes. There have been occasions where I really didn’t want the plane to land, so ensconced was I in Emirates luxury.

The A380 seats have a very odd design though – quite small and pokey and hard to get settled in. The main problem is mismatched armrests. One side does not match the other – my seat had a comfy armrest on the left, but the armrest on the right was only half the size, with a raised area next to it. This leaves you with the option of having your right arm’s blood flow cut off if you use the armrest, or placing your arm up on the hard raised area. Neither option works well. I solved the problem by pinching three extra pillows from the empty seats around me and using them to build my own armrest.

The hat racks are also quite small – not suited to business travellers with a laptop bag and carry on suitcase.

I chatted to a couple of the hosties in the onboard lounge and bar (!) and they said that lots of other passengers had had the same complaints.

Despite my comments, I would like to make it crystal clear both to Emirates and to my employer, that I am more than happy to be upgraded or flown around in business class, even if it does mean putting up with the odd armrests. Please don’t think this blog post represents a preference for economy class in any way, shape, or form.


One Response to “A380 to Jeddah”

  1. Jens Says:

    You’re right. The best J Class Seats in EK are on the newer 777-300ER’s. Truly lie flat and oh so comfortable… 🙂

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