Hurt Hype?

Maybe it’s because I watched it on a plane, but I’m surprised at The Hurt Locker’s success at the Oscars last night. Definitely a good film, but I’m not sure why it’s getting so much attention…


3 Responses to “Hurt Hype?”

  1. Troy Says:

    I think The Hurt Locker benefitted from the generally agreed notion that Avatar has been lauded enough and a realistic stand in was needed to deny Avatar the big prizes.

    The Academy started the ball rolling against the big A by not allowing any of the actors who were computer generated (fully or partially) to be admissible for the acting categories (an unofficial rule that saw Robin Williams denied a nomination for his great voice work in Aladdin and Ed Asner this year for Up). Avatar IMO was a big ball of cheese – but Sam Worthington was great in it.

    Furthermore all the other Best Picture nominees were a bit weak. Up In The Air and A Serious Man would have also beaten Avatar if The Hurt Locker wasn’t around. Pound for pound I reckon the best films of the year that were nominated were Coraline, The Secret Of The Kells, District 9 and maybe The White Ribbon. None were ever likely to beat the films that eventually won in their categories…

    Finally (phew!) there was no way the Academy could give Katheryn Bigalow a best director nod – especially being the first woman to win – without giving the film she directed the nod as well.

  2. Riz Din Says:

    I wasn’t all that impressed with Hurt Locker, and walked away thinking the story was seriously lacking … but perhaps the idea was that that’s what war is like at the ground level.

    There is a way to fix the logic behind the awards though. Just imagine that she was getting late recognition for Point Break … a serioulsy cool, kick-ass, film in every way!

  3. James Says:

    I watched The Blind Side on the plane back from holiday a few days ago too. Was equally amazed that Sandra Bullock got the Oscar for her role: she was fine but not amazing, and the film was far cheesier even than Avatar (it was pretty much like any of a dozen Disney “underdog sports team” films over the last 30 years, but presumably they got away with it because it was based on a true story).

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