The Dibba Beach crooner

In a fit of mutual blog linkage, have a look at Michelle’s fun pic from our camping trip on Friday.

My undersized guitar and its oversized player are available for weddings, birthday parties and bahmitzvahs. Not that there are many bahmitzvahs here.


4 Responses to “The Dibba Beach crooner”

  1. Troy Says:

    Can I have that in 800×1200 – I need a new computer desktop image 🙂 Ha! The million dollar question Chris is a – can you play your suspiciously small guitar (or ukelele??) and b – what were you playing at the time. I hope it wasn’t Coldplay.

  2. christophersaul Says:

    I only have the low res, I’m afraid Troy!

    I can indeed play my mini guitar. Don’t forget, I was the lead singer and guitarist for Jesus Wore Ray Bans!

  3. Troy Says:

    I may have to respond to your youthful musical musings with my own stab at rock greatness – leading the seminal North Geelong High School musical “experience” – the Virgin Meat Curtains.

    Banned after just one school lunch time performance. Our twelve minute lone Nick Cave inspired prog rock reimagining of New Kids On The Block’s ‘Step By Step’ was underappreciated in our native Australia – but the French got us man. They GOT us. Or so we assumed would be the case. I doubt anyone French was in attendance – but they would have been electrified.

    We had nothing as poignant as ‘Red As A Cucumber’ in our set though.

  4. Chris S Says:

    The Virgin Meat Curtains indeed.

    I once was part of a supergroup that played 4 Beatles songs at a school concert. Despite being called the Purple Pheasant Pluckers, Mr Scott pronounced our name perfectly and no childish giggles were forthcoming.

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