Surely not? Rain in Dubai!

It rained a lot on Saturday evening.

This wasn’t a surprise – we usually get a day or two in December and a day or two in February.

Despite the regularity of the rains, a major Dubai road was filled with what seem to be known here as ‘waterponds’. This caused most of Dubai to come to a complete standstill in certain directions. Not sure why a brand new road flooded like this, but I am not a road drainage expert.

My journey to the gym started well, but then ended badly – an hour and a half to drive 200 metres. What was particularly frustrating was that I was driving up to a u-turn to come back down the road to turn off right opposite where I got caught up in the jam. My road to the gym was a few metres to my left for most of the time I was stationary. The temptation to drive over the central reservation was almost overwhelming.

By the time I made it to my u-turn, the class had already finished. Grr.

Still, there are some silver linings to Saturday’s clouds. I love this photo from Gulf News. Different people, religions, cultures, probably from different countries, helping each other out.



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