Business partners

An astonishing article from the Gulf News.

Taxi drivers complain about their conditions. Taxi company’s response clearly outlines, with no attempt to dress things up in any way, all the ways in which they mistreat their ‘partners’, going so far as to admit that the company ignores the legal paperwork involved – and all in the a national newspaper.

I am flabbergasted, but also not. Time to deploy my Dubai word – Bilunviebable. Both completely believable and utterly unbelievable, all at the same time.

Treating the drivers this way is a disgrace. I hope that something comes of the drivers’ complaints.

I used to call up and report drivers who drove dangerously, but I don’t any more after taking a taxi one day and listening to the driver tell me about the fines that are levied. He told me that they are simply called into a room and told they have a fine as someone had complained about their driving, but they are never told exactly why the complaint was made. This means that a driver who doesn’t realise that some of his normal driving habits are wrong or dangerous will never know why he’s been reported and will never change his behaviour. Idiotic.

Alexander has a nice take on the topic.


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