No, we still don’t have debit cards

It amazes me that my bank still doesn’t provide a debit card here. Other banks do – Mrs Saul can use a debit card from her local, Local bank.

Direct debit is also something that still doesn’t exist. You can usually set up for automatic payments to be made via credit card for things like water, electricity, the phone bill, etc. This falls down when you get a new credit card with a different number and then have to go through everything setting it all up to work with your new card.

To be fair, I don’t mind the credit card payments as I always pay the whole bill every month and get Skywards miles from Emirates from every dollar I pay – it’d be nice to have an alternative though…


One Response to “No, we still don’t have debit cards”

  1. Mustafa Bir Says:

    Oh, you can set up automatic payments, such as to your credit card – then the bank fails to make the automatic payment on time, and the credit card department (that is, the credit card department of the same bank that failed to make the automatic payment) charges you Dh150 for the late payment that was entirely the fault of its comrades over in the banking side …

    I love this country …

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