Cayennes in the desert

Some nice pics here of Porsche’s upcoming Cayenne being tested in the desert – we often drive around there.

My concerns – as with the Range Rover – would be less around power and more around approach and departure angles. Being powerful’s great, but not much use if each dune rips the front and back bumpers off, along with tonnes of electronic sensors, cameras, washer bottles, etc.

The blog mentions that the new Cayenne will how have a low range option. I would have thought that instantly rules it out from being a serious offroad contender. It’d still be a lovely ‘any road’ car, but not a patch on Range Rover.

I once saw a local chap driving through Jumeirah in a ‘desert-ified’ Range Rover – front and rear bumpers customised for better approach and departure, big sand tyres. Unstoppable desert driving luxury, I would expect. Wouldn’t want to have to shoulder the servicing bills though…


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