Strange conversations

I do end up having some strange, circular conversations here.

– Hello, I’d like to book at a table for Friday evening at your restaurant.

– No need, sir, you can just turn up.

– But what if it is full?

– No problem sir, they will give you a table.

– What if there are no tables?

– Hmm. There will be a table for your sir.

– Can I make reservation so I know for definite I will have table?

– No, sir, just come.

– Not possible reservation?

– No sir.

– So not possible reservation?

– Yes sir, reservation possible.

– Ok. Can I make reservation.

– Yes sir. Call at 5 when the staff are there, they can take all details and make reservation for you.

– Erm, thanks. I will again at 5.


2 Responses to “Strange conversations”

  1. Jassim Abdulrasool Says:

    Some people have to be told to repeat a script in evreything they do in life… the script in here should have been: sorry sir I am not able to make a reservation for you now, please call back at 5 and a reservation SPECIALIST will be able to help you.

  2. alexander Says:

    Not as bad as the dork at the Ajman Kempinski that took a reservation for us for dinner with friends who had travelled up from Dubai.
    The restaurant, we found out when we arrived, closes that night of the week…

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