How to fix your cooker hood

Yes, we should have noticed it ourselves and yes the switch for the cooker hood’s extractor and light were hidden behind various kitchen related bottles, but…

On second visit (when he came back with the right tools) the repairman noticed the switch, switched it on and everything worked.

I am placing the blame 50/50 here. Not sure how we missed it – baffled that the repairman did too.


Top tip – look really carefully for all the possible switches that are hiding out there before you call the repair people.


One Response to “How to fix your cooker hood”

  1. nzm Says:

    Same here in our Barcelona apartment. The power outlets have switches to turn them off and on. In NZ, the power outlets also have switches, but they are placed on the same plate as the outlets. In Spain the outlet switches are on the wall beside the light switches. It initially caused us no end of frustration when the outlets first worked and then didn’t, and we also seemed to have switches for non-existent lights!

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