Google dictionary

I wonder when Google will implement their own dictionaries?

I love the fact that I can do a Google search on timezones and currencies and get an answer in the search results, rather than having to click on a site that the search throws up.

I’m finding myself having to write a few emails in French these days and need to check words online, since my enormous Collins French dictionary is sitting on my father’s bookshelf back in London and would be rather impractical to keep in my laptop bag. There are lots of online dictionaries I can use, but for the odd word or phrase, I’d love to see the answer pop up from a simple search.


5 Responses to “Google dictionary”

  1. afsina Says:

    How about

  2. Jörg Says: just a good start

  3. Chris Says:

    Thanks guys. I will try searching a bit harder before spouting of next time!

  4. nzm Says:

    For timezone info, I use:
    They have a lot of cool features, including working out the times in different parts of the world for teleconferences.
    For currency info, this site seems to be the benchmark:
    Google Translate is good to get the gist, but it does throw up some weird translations at times!

  5. a-hem Says:

    I don’t know if it’d work for words in French, but if you’re just looking for a definition you could find them like this from your toolbar or the google search page-
    define: wordofchoice

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